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Vism Shoulder Single Sling Utility Bag - Black


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Introducing the Vism Shoulder Single Sling Utility Bag in sleek black, a versatile companion for those on the move. Whether you're navigating urban landscapes or venturing into the great outdoors, this bag offers multiple carrying options and ample storage to keep your essentials organized and accessible.


  • Main compartment dimensions: 11.0”H X 8.0”W X 3.5”D
  • Three front-mounted zippered compartments
    • Top compartment: 7.25”W X 3.25”H X 1.25”D
    • Bottom compartment: 7.25”W X 7.0”H X 1.5”D
  • Rear pocket with metal button fastener and plastic D-ring
  • Shoulder sling with large 2.25”W plastic quick connect buckle
  • Adjustable sliders for customized fit
  • Adjustable cross-body strap with quick connect buckle
  • Top mounted Neoprene hand strap: 5.25”W with plastic D-rings
  • PALs webbing for attaching additional MOLLE gear

Description: Crafted for convenience and comfort, the Vism Shoulder Single Sling Utility Bag is designed to adapt to your dynamic lifestyle. Its main compartment boasts zippered and hook and loop pockets, offering efficient organization for your everyday essentials. The generous sewn-in hook patch area provides a secure spot for a hook fastener CCW holster, ensuring quick access when needed.

Versatility is key with this utility bag, as its padded and adjustable shoulder sling allows for comfortable carrying in various positions. Attach it to your right or left side with the plastic snap hook, or secure it close to your body with the adjustable cross-body strap and quick connect buckle. The top-mounted Neoprene hand strap adds another carrying option for added convenience.

Stay organized on the go with the three front-mounted zippered compartments, complete with multiple pockets and elastic bands for efficient storage. The front compartments also feature PALs webbing, perfect for attaching additional MOLLE gear or personalizing with patches.

For those prioritizing security, the rear pocket offers quick access and can double as a concealed carry compartment. With its padded rubberized non-slip surface and hook and loop fastener webbing, this pocket ensures your belongings stay secure while on the move.

Enhance your carrying capacity with the four rows of PALs webbing on the sides, allowing for easy attachment of MOLLE accessories. Whether you're commuting through the city or exploring the wilderness, the Vism Shoulder Single Sling Utility Bag is your go-to companion for organized, hassle-free adventures.